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Sign Up to Be an Investor with Us

Would you like to make extra money on the side with as little effort as possible? At Pittsburgh As Is, we are always looking for investors to help us in our ventures of providing cash to homeowners and flipping houses. It’s important to diversify your investment portfolio, and the housing market is a great opportunity. Diversifying your portfolio is a way of saying you shouldn’t have all your money tied up in one specific venture. If something bad happens to that investment, you don’t have a backup plan. When you invest in Pittsburgh As Is, you’re making a great decision to earn money while helping out with the housing market. We offer simple, affordable, and profitable investment opportunities to pad your savings. Additionally, these real estate projects are not available to the public without investing, making you more on your returns. Set your future right with an investment in Pittsburgh As Is. Call us today or fill out our form.

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Excellent Return on Investment

Pittsburgh As Is pairs with experienced developers to grant our investors the maximum returns. We’ve helped purchase, fix up, and sell homes all over the country for years, providing both sellers and buyers with an easy and simple real estate model. When you invest in Pittsburgh As Is, you get an inside look on what’s happening in your own backyard. We let you choose your increments to effectively and efficiently select your investments. This is also a great starting point to get a peek behind the curtain into house flipping. With the knowledge you’ll learn from investing, you will be on your way to house flipping yourself. Our team will show you the ins and outs of working through the proper channels for getting the best return on investments possible in each scenario. Finally, it allows you to have access to high-quality products and opportunities otherwise unattainable without partnering with Pittsburgh As Is.

Hands-Off, Efficient Money Marketing

Leverage our years of experience in flipping houses to earn money for your portfolio. While we worry about paperwork, working with lawyers, and deciphering litigations, you sit back and enjoy your wallet grow. Let your money work for you while you sit back and relax. Additionally, you get the satisfaction that your investment is going towards helping out the community around you, improving neighborhoods. Contact us today today or fill out our form for more information about investing with Pittsburgh As Is.

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